Saturday, July 7, 2012

Alice Turns Two!

Alice Patricia Fordham... two years old! And what a ham she is.  A bundle of energy, smiles, and love.  We hosted her birthday party two weeks ago and were lucky to have fairly great weather! There were so many kids enjoying our backyard, it gave me a new appreciation for what I've always thought of as the yucky yard with frogs, bugs, creeping charlie, and nothing fun to do in it.  Alice has sure proven me wrong! She loves exploring our yard- especially behind the shed, her garden plot, and the swing set.  "Weeee!"

Alice was in love with the decorations for her party (which are still up... I can't bear to take them down!) She continues to go around the house pointing out each piece and saying "B-Party!" How cute is that. 

I want to say that two years old is a whole new game, but Alice decided to turn two early- when her baby sister Kate came home from the hospital.  So, I've had some practice.  But really, not much has changed! She is completely enamored with Kate... Alice nearly loves her to death, squeezing her with hugs, kisses-turned-bites and bites-turned-kisses, and laying on top of her.  Not to mention, trying to carry her around.  Keeping Kate safe is a full-time job in this house!  We've experienced no jealousy, which I think is awesome.  Although, it's likely at least partially due to Kate's laid-back nature that requires less attention than many babies. To be honest, I'm completely surprised that I haven't found Alice sleeping in Kate's crib with her!  It's only a matter of time, though, right??
Alice is also in love with our dog Hank.  She loves everything about him, including his food.  And his water.  And his treats. Or any of her food that gets put in his dish when she does not eat it. (it must taste better out of his bowl?) I'm so thankful that we have a dog that puts up with her... he is one of a kind! 
Jim has been on the fire department for the last 4 1/2 years and just recently Alice has connected sirens to Daddy to "owies".  She freezes anytime we hear the sirens and dramatically imitates them.  Then it's "Daddy! Go!  Owie!" Which then also brings her back around to "Daddy-owie-all gone", a memory of the two slivers Jim pulled months ago.  So funny how good her memory can be sometimes.  I suppose we could just call it selective memory.

Another favorite in our house is Alice's Bitty Baby.  Actually, it was mine and I wasn't planning on giving it to her for a while, but I had to bust it out one day while a friend was over because two babies wasn't enough for two girls.  (Of course Alice had to have two. Of course) She loves this baby to bits.  I cannot leave her room at bedtime until My Baby gets a kiss too.  I often find My Baby lying on Alice's pillow (either on her bed or anywhere in the house) with a blanket over top and one of the girls' hoppies tucked in tenderly.  For as big a bruiser Alice is, she sure is a compassionate little one.  (Although at times too many hugs and kisses for her friends' likings, but never enough for this momma!) 

Some of my favorite and quirky things about Alice:

1. I am continuously finding Alice asleep on her floor instead of her bed.  She will brings all of her pillows, blankets, and My Baby behind her door and set up camp.  This is a perfect example of her tenderness with My Baby- who is, of course, resting gently on Alice's favorite pillow right next to her.  Often the light is on, or she is butt-naked. 

2. Her obsession with soft/fuzzy fabric.  For the longest time she would not sleep or go anywhere in the house without a Minky changing pad cover.  Other things that she carries around: a pair of fleecy bunny easter slippers, my winter hat (lined with plush fleece), my mittens, a pillow I made her which has a hole in the seam that she conveniently loops her finger through.  All while sucking her thumb, of course!  She also loves a little bunny/blanket that my Grandma picked out for her.  This, as well as the bunny ears, have been dubbed "hoppies".  Coincidentally, my Grandma gave Kate a frog blanket thing just like Alice's bunny, which can also be called a hoppy!  Now, they are all called hoppies, whether a bear, frog, bunny, giraffe, etc. 

3. Open-mouthed kisses.  Open, wet, with a touch of a vacuum-effect.  Mmmmmm.

4. Her Love of Barney and dancing.  Her favorite songs are Let's Go (on an adventure today), Baby Bop Hop, I Love You, You Love Me,  and of course, anything by LMFAO, especially Party Rock Anthem!

5. Her absolute refusal of being photographed if she can help it.  Actually, this is my least favorite thing about her right now!  It's incredible I've managed to get so many photos of her smiling!

Birthday Party No. 2

A couple weeks ago, my bff Alyssa and I were talking and I shared my excitement at the realization of the 36 birthday parties I was going to be planning as my little girls grow up.  Her thought was to write a book- mine was to restart my blog.  What fitting timing too, as Alice's 2nd birthday party was in the works! 

For the weeks leading up to the party, I tried to prepare Alice for her party.  The week before, we went to Cousin Ryanne's birthday party so Alice kind of had an idea.  (Although no bounce house for this birthday princess!) I explained that the decorations, cups, presents, etc. were for her birthday party and she'd smile and nod with excitement every time.  Well, if the night before the party was like Santa's workshop in our house with Mom, Jim, and I hanging, cooking, and prepping, the morning was definitely like Christmas!  Alice was so excited to see all the decorations in place and confidently pointed out each element and announced "B-Party!"  Success...

So to kick-off this new blog, some shots of the party!